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Our Mission

The purpose of Heroes and Patriots is to give financial support to military members and their families who are in a time of need. Whether it be wounded warriors just returning from the battle field, or family members who need help while their loved ones are away at war or recovering from injuries, Heroes and Patriots will be there.

We are working with Family Readiness Officers and other military contacts at bases around the country to find out who needs assistance the most. We will rely on their personal relationships with these service members and their families to gauge the level of help which is needed and the urgency of the matters at hand. We will trust in those contacts to connect Heroes and Patriots with those troops so that help can be on its way.

90 – 95% of the proceeds donated will go right back to the supporting our troops and their families. On our home page, you will find a link to view our tax returns, as we want every possible dollar to go towards our mission. We believe in being very transparent about where your money is going.

We thank you for helping support those who put their lives on the line for our freedom and our way of life.
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Subscribe to Us on Youtube!